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Cotton falls flat attempting to paper over his votes against protections for women and families

While Cotton was the only Arkansan in Congress to oppose the Violence Against Women Act twice, he now hopes voters ignore his irresponsible votes that put women and families at risk

LITTLE ROCK — If you’re following closely at home, you might have noticed that Rep. Tom Cotton is beginning to quietly acknowledge he’s got a serious problem with women voters, even as his efforts to gloss over his reckless and irresponsible record with respect to women and families in Arkansas are falling short, at best.

Cotton yesterday decided to release a statement from his office urging the Senate to take seriously an issue that he’s repeatedly voted against. Of course, almost everyone recognizes that sex trafficking is incredibly and important and serious matter, and principled elected officials like Sen. Mark Pryor will echo that even when it isn’t an election year.

It’s not lost on anyone that Cotton was the only member of congress from Arkansas to vote twice against the Violence Against Women Act, having opposed both the bipartisan VAWA reauthorization and the scaled-back Republican version. By voting against VAWA, Cotton opposed some of the most important provisions to combat sex trafficking on the books, even though the bill ultimately passed despite the congressman’s inexplicable opposition.

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Linda is no political expert, but when she read that Tom Cotton voted against the Violence Against Women Act, she took notice. Every other Arkansas Democrat and Republican in Congress voted to protect women from domestic violence — except Tom Cotton. Speaking for herself, her 26 year old daughter and many Arkansas women, Linda says Tom Cotton’s votes are insulting, and don’t reflect the views of most Arkansans.

Courtney reads a lot and came across something that got her attention: one out of every four women will be a victim of domestic violence. That’s why when Congressman Cotton was the only Republican or Democrat in Arkansas to vote against the Violence Against Women Act, Courtney was shocked. First Cotton was against equal pay for women, and now he won’t protect women from domestic abuse. Courtney asks, “who is this guy? And what’s he got against women?”


Contrary to his campaign promises, Cotton was the only Arkansan in Congress to vote for two measures that would immediately cut Social Security’s cost of living adjustment (COLA)

Same cuts were supported by Pres. Obama, but Pryor opposed them and won

LITTLE ROCK — On the campaign trail, Rep. Tom Cotton claims that he supports no changes to Arkansas seniors’ retirement security, but he was the only member of the state’s all-Republican House delegation to vote for two budget proposals that would result in immediate cuts to Social Security benefits. When President Obama last year decided to back the very same cuts to Social Security Cotton voted for and still supports, Sen. Mark Pryor took on the president and successfully urged him to drop the proposal.

“Congressman Cotton repeatedly and recklessly voted to cut Social Security benefits for Arkansas seniors, but Mark Pryor actually listens to seniors and stands up for their retirement security,” said Pryor for Senate spokesman Erik Dorey. “Arkansas seniors paid into Social Security over a lifetime of hard work, and Congressman Cotton not only supports placing their retirement in the hands of Wall Street bankers, he voted to cut benefits immediately for today’s retirees. That’s why Mark stood up to President Obama when he proposed the same irresponsible cuts, and Mark won’t back down when anyone of either party gets in the way of Arkansas seniors’ hard-earned retirement.”

On the issue of Social Security, the difference between Cotton and Pryor couldn’t be clearer. Pryor has consistently opposed efforts to privatize the program, and after President Obama last year proposed cutting benefits by switching to a “chained CPI” calculation for Social Security’s annual cost of living adjustment — cuts that Cotton has repeatedly voted for — Mark took on the president and successfully pushed him to drop the proposal from his budget proposal.

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Cotton voted to reopen the Medicare “donut-hole” for 32,000 Arkansans, increasing out-of-pocket costs for seniors today

LITTLE ROCK – Feeling the heat for his irresponsible votes against Medicare, Rep. Tom Cotton has been out on the campaign trail repeatedly saying he doesn’t support any changes to Medicare for seniors and those nearing retirement. Cotton’s votes in Congress, however, directly contradict that promise. Cotton’s record on Medicare is very clear: he voted to end the guarantee of free flu shots, cancer screenings and wellness visits — and he wants to do away with key benefits that seniors today depend on, like prescription drug coverage.

Cotton’s votes to re-open Medicare’s “donut hole” for prescription drugs — the gap between primary and catastrophic coverage where seniors were forced to pay out of pocket — would mean higher costs on life saving medication for more than 32,000Arkansas seniors. Because Congress in 2010 enacted legislation that begins to close the donut hole, Arkansas seniors have saved an average of $622.

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Cotton has voted to eliminate free cancer screenings, flu shots and wellness visits that seniors enjoy right now

This week, Pryor for Senate will highlight how Cotton’s campaign promise of “zero changes” for current seniors and those nearing retirement is blatantly false

LITTLE ROCK — In Congress, Rep. Tom Cotton has taken every opportunity to undermine Medicare’s guaranteed benefits for seniors, repeatedly voting to begin turning the program over to insurance companies, raise the age of eligibility to 70 and cut benefits for seniors today.

On the campaign trail, Cotton has come under fire for his uniquely irresponsible votes against Arkansas seniors, which is why he has begun repeating the false claim that he supports “zero changes” for today’s seniors and those nearing retirement.

The facts tell a different story, however, as Cotton has supported and voted for plans that would cut benefits now for seniors on Medicare and Social Security.

Among the most immediate examples are Cotton’s votes to end free cancer screenings, flu shots, and wellness visits for seniors on Medicare.

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Linda and her husband are nearing retirement, and they’re troubled by Tom Cotton’s plan to change Medicare in a voucher system run by the insurance industry. Now she’s finding out that Cotton wants to change the age of eligibility for Medicare to 70. Same thing for Social Security. Tom Cotton is a real threat to Arkansans’ retirement.

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As a series of television ads continue to educate Arkansas voters about Rep. Tom Cotton’s votes to end Medicare as we know it, his recklessness on Social Security should not be overlooked. Cotton has repeatedly supported and voted to pass measures that would put the retirement of Arkansas seniors in jeopardy. In fact, just this month Cotton voted to undermine the promise of Social Security for Arkansas seniors when, once again, he was the only member of Arkansas’ congressional delegation to vote for the Republican Study Committee Budget, which immediately cuts Social Security benefits while raising the retirement age to 70.

Congressman Cotton has also said he supports privatizing Social Security, a move that would subject seniors’ hard-earned retirement to the mercies of Wall Street.

When it comes to the issue of Social Security, the difference between Cotton and Sen. Mark couldn’t be clearer. Pryor has consistently opposed efforts to privatize the program, and when President Obama proposed cuts to Social Security benefits last year — cuts that Cotton has repeatedly voted for — Mark took on the president and successfully pushed him to drop the proposal.

The Cotton Record on Social Security:

  • Cotton supported immediate cuts to Social Security benefits, leaving Arkansas seniors with less each month. He voted twice for plans to change the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) using chained CPI, taking approximately $127 Billion in benefits away from seniors and near retirees.

  • Cotton voted twice to deny Social Security benefits until age 70.

  • Cotton and his special interest allies in Washington want to privatize Social Security and turn it over to Wall Street. Instead of a secure retirement, Cotton would gamble with the Social Security savings of seniors on Wall Street.

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Cotton Is Only Arkansas Congressman To Go All-In On Ending Guaranteed Benefits For Seniors

Today, Rep. Tom Cotton was the only member of Arkansas’ all-Republican House delegation to vote for two separate budget proposals that would cut benefits for seniors today while turning Medicare into a voucher system. For the fourth time in less than two years, Cotton supported controversial budgets offered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the Republican Study Committee, both of which would immediately increase out-of-pocket costs for Arkansas seniors.

Just as last year, Cotton was the only Arkansans in Congress reckless enough to support the RSC budget, which initiates many of its most drastic changes to Medicare five years sooner than the Ryan plan.

During a national television interview earlier this week, Cotton tried to pull a fast one by promising Arkansas seniors he would, “make no changes for those who are in or approaching retirement.” His votes, of course, tell a very different story: since he’s been in Congress, Cotton has never missed an opportunity to shortchange older Arkansans.

Here are the facts about the reckless budgets Cotton continues to support:

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will voucherize Medicare, turning it over to insurance companies.

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will immediately cut benefits for 555,000 Arkansas seniors.

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will reopen the Medicare “donut hole,” forcing seniors to pay more out of pocket for prescription drugs.

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Courtney’s been reading more about Tom Cotton. Not only does Cotton want to mess with Medicare, he voted in Congress against equal pay for women. Courtney thinks she deserves the same pay as a man for doing the same job, and politicians like Cotton are stuck in the past. 

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