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Cotton Is Only Arkansas Congressman To Go All-In On Ending Guaranteed Benefits For Seniors

Today, Rep. Tom Cotton was the only member of Arkansas’ all-Republican House delegation to vote for two separate budget proposals that would cut benefits for seniors today while turning Medicare into a voucher system. For the fourth time in less than two years, Cotton supported controversial budgets offered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and the Republican Study Committee, both of which would immediately increase out-of-pocket costs for Arkansas seniors.

Just as last year, Cotton was the only Arkansans in Congress reckless enough to support the RSC budget, which initiates many of its most drastic changes to Medicare five years sooner than the Ryan plan.

During a national television interview earlier this week, Cotton tried to pull a fast one by promising Arkansas seniors he would, “make no changes for those who are in or approaching retirement.” His votes, of course, tell a very different story: since he’s been in Congress, Cotton has never missed an opportunity to shortchange older Arkansans.

Here are the facts about the reckless budgets Cotton continues to support:

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will voucherize Medicare, turning it over to insurance companies.

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will immediately cut benefits for 555,000 Arkansas seniors.

  • Both the Ryan Budget and the RSC Budget will reopen the Medicare “donut hole,” forcing seniors to pay more out of pocket for prescription drugs.

Get the facts here.

Courtney’s been reading more about Tom Cotton. Not only does Cotton want to mess with Medicare, he voted in Congress against equal pay for women. Courtney thinks she deserves the same pay as a man for doing the same job, and politicians like Cotton are stuck in the past. 

Tom Cotton’s Latest Medicare Whopper

Cotton claims he would make “zero changes” to Medicare, but the facts tell a very different story for current beneficiaries and future seniors

LITTLE ROCK — Rep. Tom Cotton and his campaign have consistently shown a reckless disregard for the truth when it comes to Cotton’s irresponsible plans for Medicare, and this latest falsehood makes clear exactly how little Cotton cares about leveling with Arkansas seniors.

In the Wall Street Journal earlier this week, Cotton’s spokesman repeated a claim that the congressman himself has made: Cotton favors “zero changes” to Medicare for current seniors and those nearing retirement — it’s an assertion that flies in the face of basic facts about Cotton’s voting record and clearly-stated plans for the program relied upon by 550,000 seniors in Arkansas.


Mr. Cotton’s campaign said the congressman favors ‘zero changes’ for current Medicare recipients and those nearing retirement, but that long-term changes are necessary to keep the program solvent.” [Wall Street Journal, 3/16/14]


  • Cotton voted to repeal free cancer screenings, flu shots and wellness visits for seniors.

  • Cotton voted to reopen the Medicare “donut hole,” forcing seniors on Medicare to pay more out of pocket for prescription drugs.

  • Cotton voted to turn Medicare into a voucher system run by insurance companies for those 59 and younger.

  • Cotton’s plan to privatize Medicare would leave recipients of traditional Medicare with higher premiums and a weakened Medicare system.

  • Cotton supported changes to Medicare that would increase Medicare premiums by over $300 per year.

Here’s the proof.

Cotton Goes All In for Privatizing Medicare

Pushes for plan that would move healthier seniors to plans run by big insurance, sending Medicare costs skyrocketing and the program into a death spiral

LITTLE ROCK — This weekend, Rep. Tom Cotton doubled down on his irresponsible plans for Medicare, telling a newspaper in Blytheville that he believes private insurance companies should compete with Medicare, which Arkansas seniors have paid into over a lifetime of hard work.

Of course, as studies have shown, giving insurance companies access to the Medicare population would mean healthier seniors are poached from the program, leaving older seniors and those with health complications to drive up costs.

According to the Blytheville Courier: “Cotton supports … allowing private insurance to compete with Medicare.”

Last week, Pryor introduced the Medicare Protection Act in the Senate, a bill to reinforce the guarantee of Medicare for seniors. Pryor’s legislation will make it more difficult for anti-Medicare lawmakers to turn it into a voucher system, cut benefits and raise the age of eligibility.

Get the facts here.

Guess Who?

Think you know who doesn’t believe women deserve to earn the same amount on their paychecks as men doing the same job? Or who opposes legislation making it easier for women in the armed services to report sexual abuse and have the perpetrator prosecuted? You might guess one of these characters:

We’ve put together a “Guess Who” quiz that covers these and other important issues. With so much at stake for women in this election and beyond, we hope you’ll take a minute and check it out.

Click here to take the quiz!

Tom Cotton: Ending Medicare As We Know It

Congressman Tom Cotton believes Medicare should be turned into a voucher system run by insurance companies.  He also wants to cut benefits and raise the eligibility age to 70.  Tom Cotton is so reckless and irresponsible when it comes to Medicare, he is the only member of Arkansas’ congressional delegation—Republican or Democrat—to vote for these drastic measures.

That’s really not a surprise.  Tom Cotton was a highly paid Washington consultant for the same insurance companies that would benefit from his efforts to privatize Medicare.  And now Cotton is listening to shadowy special interest groups like Club for Growth who want to end Medicare as we know it, and who are spending millions of dollars on behalf of Cotton’s campaign.

Arkansas seniors rely on Medicare for their health and financial security.  But Tom Cotton would jeopardize their future –and their families’ future—in pursuit of his blind ambition.  That’s not rhetoric. Those are the facts. And here is the record to prove it.

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