We live a transformation process that is characterized as indicative of the need for a new logic of civilization, based on new models and new patterns of accumulation. To Deléage (1997), with the massive industrialization of the twentieth century, particularly after the Second World War, reached a threshold in the relationship between humans and the biosphere and pollution and environmental degradation have become a true fact of civilization, acquiring global dimensions.


A key feature of this process is called the environmental crisis evidenced from the 1960s, which raises the need for new patterns of relationship with nature and its resources. The environmental crisis has passed on lifestyles and consumption, ethics and culture, politics and social dynamics and organization of space worldwide.


For Leff (2006a), the environmental crisis is not necessarily in an ecological catastrophe, but the changes of thought with which we have built and destroyed the globalized world and our own ways of life. He calls it a “crisis of civilization”, which appears as a limit on the real meaning and redirect the course of history. The environmental crisis is the crisis of Western thought, metaphysics that made the disjunction between “being and the being”, which produced a fragmented world and objectified in the control and domination of nature. And finally, “is expressed as a question of ontology and epistemology with which Western civilization understands being and things; science and technological reason with which dominated the nature and economicizou the modern world “(LEFF, 2006a, p. 288).


In this context, environmental problems crossed national borders and a new category of environmental issues emerged, ie issues whose consequences are global and authors involved transcend a single region or country. Among the most important today are: the destruction of the ozone layer, global climate change, global warming, pollution of the marine environment, the destruction of forests and the threat to biodiversity.


From the 1950s, the so-called developed countries, environmental problems caused by economic growth and industrialization, has become a serious problem. According to Leff (2001, p. 49), “La environmental crisis vino cuestionar them bases conceptuales that han Impelled legitimized y el crecimiento economic, denying a la naturaleza”. The intensity of the environmental crisis began to gestate a new mentality, in which the Earth began to be perceived as a common space for all its inhabitants.


According to Vieira (1992), the spread of an “ecological conscience” worldwide regarding environmental issues has intensified from the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. Later, in the decades following, deepened considerably the scientific knowledge of environmental problems, as well as expanded the perception of socio-environmental impacts caused by these problems and even the possibility of threat to the perpetuation of life on the planet.

Aiming to overcome the obvious difficulties of reconciling economic development and environment, the concept of sustainable development tries to establish these two concepts as an inseparable pair, in which social, economic, political, technological and environmental issues are overlapping. This proposal takes on a political and diplomatic significance, as it sets out to establish the general principles which orientate a political commitment on a global scale in order to provide economic growth ensuring the sustainability of natural resources. The notion of sustainable development composes and complicates the broad international debate on environmental issues and new challenges to his theory.


Leff (2006a) considers that the complexity of social problems associated with environmental changes at the global level paves the way for interdisciplinary research methods, seeking to articulate different expertise to address the multiple relationships, causalities and interdependencies that establish processes in various spheres of materiality: physical, biological, cultural, economic and social. For Leff (2006a, p 217.) “The environmental issue emerges from a troubled economic, social, political, ecological, as a new worldview that changes the paradigms of theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge.”


As already mentioned, in the second half of the twentieth century, the environmental issue reached sized global problem, mobilizing civil society organizations, the media and governments of different countries. This move brought an eminently sociological approach to environmental issues, contributing to the discussion about the processes of constitution of conflicts between social groups in the struggle for the use of natural resources, so-called distributive conflicts, or simply socio-environmental conflicts.


Social movements that have arisen in the world from the 1960s were accompanied by intellectual debates which have raised new challenges for the social sciences. In general, we tried to overcome dichotomies as objectivity / subjectivity, individual / society and nature / culture. Efforts to overcome the dichotomy nature / culture-linked to the emergence of an environmental critique of industrial society emanating from both a political and academic movement called political ecology and brought to the academic and intellectual discussion “environmental crisis”, as a result the collapse of economic growth and finite natural resource base.


According to Leff (2006b) the growing discourse on global change incorporates several issues related to greening the global economic order, such as innovation through “clean” technologies, adequate and appropriate for the ecologically sustainable use of natural resources; recovery and improvement of traditional practices (environmentally adapted) use of natural resources carried out by local communities; the legal framework of the new environmental rights for ecological normativity of environmental policies, both at national and international level; the organization of the environmental movement; the internalization of environmental knowledge in the knowledge paradigms in the curricula of educational programs and teaching methods, the use of environmentally friendly products and the emergence of new environmental disciplines.


To the extent that environmental and ecological question is generalized, obtaining global reach, which concerns all areas of social organization, the apparatuses of the state and all social groups and classes, that induces a broad and complex process epistemic transformation in the field of knowledge and knowledge, theoretical ideologies and practices of scientific paradigms. Leff (2006a, p. 282) proposes a methodology to build an environmental rationality in terms of new knowledge that addresses the dialogue of knowledge through interdisciplinary practice.

Therefore, the construction of an environmental rationality implies the need to deconstruct the concepts of various sciences and disciplines of knowledge, as well as the systems of values ​​and beliefs which underpin and promote economic and instrumental rationality on which rests an order social and unsustainable production. In this perspective, environmental problems should not lie only in the field of social and / or natural sciences sciences. Rather, you should note that these systems are dialectically connected and have autonomy and simultaneous interdependencies.

Political Terms to Know for the 2008 Election A-K

Political Terms to Know for the 2008 Election A-K

Dave Williams
Source: Flickr

Bone up on your political lingo with this convenient list of political expressions and expressions. While there are many of these, this list may be especially relevant to Presidential Election 2008, so watch out for identifying these concepts as the race unfolds in all its drama!

Absurdistan – A satiric term for any country where absurdity is the norm. A funny farm on a nationwide scale. What America may seem like when this election is over.

Armchair revolutionary – Associated with “armchair quarterback” and “weekend warrior”. Now that the Internet has actually offered us a simple method to do a great deal of talking online without much action, it’s a term more appropriate than ever!

Blue rinse brigade – It came from the Uk to explain the elderly middle-class ladies typically of a conservative socio-political persuasion. However it’s all set for adoption in America, where senior citizens are notoriously socially conservative, fiscally liberal, and retired so they have plenty of time to vote and campaign.

Bolters – Party members who leave the party for another one as soon as their favorite prospect does not win the nomination. Possible use: “Those Republicans stayed on up until they saw John McCain didn’t get the Republican nomination, then they left for the Democrat party to go choose Joe Biden instead. Those bolters!”.

Bush Derangement Syndrome – The tendency to blame George W. Bush for every single thing that fails; right-wing experts used it to explain “loony left” members who were apparently so hysterical they thought Bush caused hurricane Katrina. Now that Bush is leaving office with no incumbent to change him, even the right-wing may catch a touch of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

CAVE Individuals – C.A.V.E. means “Citizens Against Essentially Everything”. Specifically individuals who love anything as long as it’s established already, however dislike modification of any kind. As social questions like gay and women’s rights and whether to legislate marijuana or stop the Iraq war entered play, rely on a comment or more from the CAVE People.

Christmas tree bill – A costs that goes through your home and Senate with a lot more unrelated modifications attached than it started with. Normally a little, small bill, which then gets a new condition such as a beneficial supplier or a tax loophole tossed in, and one Congressman after another does this till the costs looks like a tree decorated with ornaments hanging off it. Likewise called since it’s generally the last bill passed in a rush before Congress goes house for the Christmas vacations.

Crony commercialism – Simply thought I ‘d advise you that this term exists. You aren’t supposed to think about any business that happen to be called “Halliburton”, who are making a big make money from the Iraq war while an ex-executive of their business who’s still getting cash from them takes place to be the out-going Vice-President under the President who proclaimed the Iraq war.

Groupuscule – This is a word borrowed from the french to describe the tendency for the far extremes of a political celebration to break off into tiny little sub-parties over some minor quarrel or severe view. Use: “The Popular Individuals’s Front is just a groupuscule from the People’s Front of Judea. Splitter!”.

Kleptocracy – A government that enhances the personal wealth and political power of the gentility at the expense of the population. Given that you hear “the rich are getting richer while the bad are getting poorer” all of the time, now you can respond with, “What, you thinks we remain in a kleptocracy?”.


Sportsbooks Add Elections – To Sports Betting Lines Menus

Sportsbooks Include Elections – To Sports Betting Lines Menus


It was just hours after George W. Bush had actually been re-elected President of the United States in 2004 that sportsbooks began publishing wagering lines on who would win a four-year lease on the Oval Office in 2008.

John McCain, the Arizona Senator, and Hilary Clinton, the Senator from New York, remain the frontrunners for the Republican politician and Democratic parties, respectively. McCain, due to the fact that of his radical nature, has appeal with moderates, swing voters and conservative Democrats. That would be a formidable enemy in the general election however, ironically, that very same independent streak—he wandered off from conservative orthodoxy on judges, taxes and gay rights– might harm him in the GOP nomination procedure where Evangelical Christians and conservative lobbyists, groups less than enamored with his position on those concerns, are a powerful voting block, especially in the primaries.

Clinton has the opposite issue. While the former First Girl is extremely popular in Democratic circles and, should she decide to run, would be tough to beat for the celebration’s nomination, continues to be a polarizing figure and might have trouble winning a basic election where many already have a repaired, negative viewpoint of her.

Publishing wagering lines or betting on the result of presidential elections its not a new thing. This gained some interest back in 1948 when famous oddsmaker and bettor Jimmy -The Greek- Snyder predicted the heavy underdog Harry S. Truman, who had actually risen to the presidency when Franklin Roosevelt died back in 1945.

Snyder based his forecast on that Dewey wore a mustache and his belief that ladies would discover that the facial hair made Dewey look “tricky.”.

A minimum of that’s the way the story goes.

Truman did prevail at the ballot box, notoriously holding up a newspaper whose headline erroneously declared Dewey the winner.

Recognizing that the 2008 election may be a bit too far-off for many wagerers, lots of sportsbooks have posted wagering lines in this year’s midterm election, Nov. 7.

The most prominent wagering line asks wagerers to bet whether the Democrats will certainly restore control of your house of Representatives. Democrats need to get 15 seats to wrest control of the 435-seat body from Republicans for the first time since 1994. With an undesirable war in Iraq, low approval numbers for President Bush, and a series of scandals pestering the Republican Celebration, most books have the Democrats favored to take control of your home.

The Senate, where Democrats need 6 seats to restore a bulk, is another matter. While it’s looking progressively most likely that Democrats will hold all their seats (New Jersey is a problem), along with get seats in Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island, getting to six will be tough. There are 3 (perhaps four) more chances.

Claire McCaskill (D) is running neck-and-neck with Senator Jim Skill (R) in Missouri, where stem cell research study (she supports it, he doesn’t) is a huge concern while Harold Ford (D) is trying to prove that an African American can win in Tennessee, where Bob Corker is attempting to hold the seat for Republicans.

A series of gaffes have made Senator George Allen (R) susceptible to the challenge of previous Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb (D) in Virginia while in Arizona, Jim Pederson (D) is attempting to come from behind to beat Senator John Kyl (R), the author of the just recently passed ban on Web betting.

Some sportsbooks have a betting line about whether the Democrats will certainly gain the control of the US Senate (No is still preferred over Yes) while some enterprising betting outlets have wagering lines on numerous of the individual races. Others still offer index wagering on the number of Senate seats the Democrats will certainly acquire.

An index wager might appear like this:.

How many Senate seats will the Democrats gain in the 2006 election?

3-4 2/1.
precisely 5 8/5.
6 or more 7/5.

In addition to races for the Presidency, the Senate and your home, some sportsbooks also have betting lines on numerous Guv contests. What everything methods is while some citizens will certainly cast their votes at the ballot box, others will express their opinions with cold difficult money.

The Potential Effects of The Iraqi War on the Election

The Prospective Impacts of The Iraqi War on the Election

Michelle Fields
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The upcoming election has many individuals questioning precisely how the ‘War on Horror’ will effect the decision for our next President. With President Bush’s approval ratings taking a nose-dive recently it seems as if the American people are all set for a change, and desire the soldiers that have actually been overseas for so long to be returned the home of their families and liked ones. Lots of Americans are upset over the length of time the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have dragged on, and with the progressively rising death toll brave soldiers and their families are paying the supreme sacrifice for something they no longer want to be a part of.

The military is beginning to feel the results of the war too, with almost 4,000 soldiers deserting in 2006 alone, the highest numbers since World War 2. Many are wanting to avoid the war and mayhem as much as possible, which leaves the nation trying to figure out whether another Republican politician in workplace is going to make things better, or possibly worse for the nation. As some problems in Iraq are cleaned up, more appear on a virtually everyday basis, causing the troops return date to be postponed even additionally.

Many Americans are likewise highly upset that while the soldiers are overseas, there is no guaranteed timeframe for withdrawal, and no clear idea of when they will certainly return home. No timeline has been figured out, regardless of the long period of time of military presence in these conflict locations. Individuals all throughout the country are starting to feel as if this is potentially absolutely nothing more than a game that President Bush is playing, while using the troops as his personal game chips. A due date for returning the soldiers has actually been discussed numerous times, yet has actually never ever emerged into anything rewarding.

Where does this leave the nation? With thousands eliminated in Iraq there many votes that ought to have been counted in the next election that will certainly be missing, as the fallen soldiers are all missed. With Bush’s approval ratings in the mid to low 30’s variety, it is starting to look really bleak for the Republican party to manage to find a strong sufficient prospect to work on their ticket who can fix the large ‘goodwill’ damage from the Bush administration.

It is believed that the impacts of the war will certainly have a damper on the election, particularly considering that in the course of the war your home has actually relocated to a Democratic bulk in power. With this significant shift, in addition to Bush’s approval scores being so low, it seems obvious that individuals are sitting up and noticing everything that is taking place all around the nation, the question stays, is how deeply this will upset the election and how greatly it will weigh on the minds of voters while they are standing in the polls casting those last ballots.

Many are rejoicing that Bush is not able to run, after seeing the war, along with the state of the economy and hoping for a far better result from the next election. With the next election, looming in the horizon it will be very interesting to see how everything plays out in the political arena and the attitudes and ideas that the prospects will certainly be highlighting.


Political Terms to Know for the 2008 Election L-Z

Political Terms to Know for the 2008 Election L-Z

Read up on your political lingo with this convenient list of political expressions and expressions. While there are numerous of these, this list might be specifically appropriate to Presidential Election 2008, so keep an eye out for identifying these ideas as the race unfolds in all its drama!

Lame duck – This is an elected official who is soon losing political power and is no longer feeling very responsible for his or her actions. Typical lame duck maneuvers are to pull off a string of steps just before leaving, which they never would have done if they had to fret about getting chosen once again.

Neo-Luddism – It’s a motion of opposition to technological development. Usage: “You don’t like stem cell research study, the production of a national broadband network, or computer system classes in every school? What a Neo-Luddite!”.

Pressure politics – Making use of intimidation, threats, and mass media to convince politicians that the public needs a particular action. It may be the will of the people, or it might be 5 kids in their basement spamming emails making it look like 500,000 mad voters are requiring something. Search for pressure politics whenever any special interest makes a lot of noise about how a prospect’s position on an issue simply lost their vote.

Reality-based – What non-religious voters call spiritual voters, instead of “religion-based”. Usage: “No intelligent-design pseudo-science in my children’s class, thank you very much; I ‘d like her education to be reality-based.”.

Rubber stamp – The notional device utilized by party members to approve anything their party candidate does. The choice to label something right or wrong, depending on which party it originated from. Whenever intense polarization exists in a two-party system, try to find rubber stamps all over.

Social chauvinism – Fanatical patriotism throughout a time of war. Us or them! Look for social chauvinism to come up in any discussion of war policy worrying how inferior the other country is to the United States.

Stalking horse – Aaaah, the subtle technique! A stalking horse is a candidate participated in a race specifically to keep another prospect from drawing a lot of votes, by splitting the targeted party. Are there any candidates in this race who have been gotten in to steal popularity from another candidate in the opposing celebration, while being too unpopular to draw any votes in their own party and for this reason not damage the front-runner’s project? Exist any of them aimed at a specific group, like Web users, for instance? Identifying the stalking horse is a fun, but difficult game. Look for single-digit poll numbers, ridiculous amounts of money contributed, and unreasonable social networks hype and silly promotion stunts that together defies all explanation.

Third rail – From the subway train metaphor, the 3rd rail is the untouchable issue that if any political leader touches it, their project will be harmed. Gay marital relationship and cannabis legalization are two of the 3rd rails this election.

Useful moron – This term entered usage to explain what the Soviets would have thought of an American Soviet-sympathizer. Nevertheless, try to find it to be bandied ready to describe a Liberal-sympathizer in the Republican politician’s camp, or vice-versa.

Wealth primary – The scramble for campaign contributions by all of the candidates, which, thanks to the inflated expense of campaigning, starts numerous months before the celebration primaries choose their final nominations. It isn’t much excellent to win a celebration primary, if you’re too broke to project after you’ve been chosen.


Unusual US Political Parties

Uncommon United States Political Parties

There are more political parties on the US than Democrat and Republican.  Are you aware of the Libertarian partie or Green partie? No, believe much more odd. The USA have numerous political parties; numerous of them have even set up a prospect. Even recently! However let’s have a look at a few of the more … ah, uncommon parties out there.

The Restriction Celebration –

Yes, you guessed it, this party is for prohibiting alcohol. Not drugs or other compounds – just alcohol. They were really much larger at the turn of the last century. The party was founded in 1869, and was instrumental in getting states and counties to forbid alcohol. This party  provided  the United States of America first Women mayor – Susanna M. Salter in 1847, birth place: Argonia, Kansas.

Another one: Unity08 Party –

Brand-new, it was established in 2006. However hear them out: they are expressing the idea that we no longer require as much huge bureaucracy in our voting procedure. Utilizing the Internet, we might conduct a secure, online vote to straight engage in setting national policy, instead of having some far agent do it for us. This makes sense when you think about that our starting fathers were restricted to the Pony Express to communicate cross-country – they had no option but to elect representatives, because it would have been impossible to poll every citizen to approve every law. Today’s electronic interactions makes representative democracy an antique, and direct democracy a very possible circumstance!

The America Party –

So, it’s simply them? Exactly what does that make the rest of us, the non-American Celebration? Really, they’re a hyper-conservative group, which has set up a prospect in every Governmental election since 1976. That candidate was Thomas J. Anderson, who pulled the most votes of the celebration’s history, with 161,000 votes putting him in 6th place. Ever since, they have actually kinda fizzled.

Christian Falangist Party of America –

They are a kind of Christian Libertarian-Marxists . Established in 1985. If you believe the Freemasons are odd with their amusing signs and secret handshakes, you’ll get a comparable case of the willies from this party. The Falangist party itself came from Spain in the 1930’s, and their concepts were to develop a corporate state managed by unification of  Roman Catholicism and Marxist beliefs. Full with a secret society and funny symbols. Now bring it to America, and you have to make it Christian. Aren’t you grateful they didn’t win?

The Personal Option Celebration –

Like nothing you anticipated. Their logo is a yellow smiley face. They were founded in 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and their prospect really gotten approved for the ballot in that year. The creator of the party is a medical professional with a Ph. D. in Zoology from Brigham Young University. If a zoo-keeper doesnt sounds like a great individual to permit to manage the federal government, look into their concepts: “Personal Option requires that as long as I’m not injuring anyone, just I can choose how I invest my time, my wealth, my life, my honor.” See, you like them currently!

Independence Party of Minnesota –

Naturally, you understand them. They’re the party of Minnesota’s former-Governor Jesse Ventura, who served between 1999 and 2003. But they were founded in 92, so they’ve in fact installed a number of candidates, mostly mayors and agents and such.

The Whig Celebration –

Don’t turn your whig (sorry!), but they in fact got four Presidents elected – William Henry Harrison in 1841, John Tyler from 1841 to 1845, Zachary Taylor from 1849 to 1850, and the ever-popular Millard Fillmore from 1850 to 1853. The Whig celebration’s objective was protectionism and a government dominated by Congress, considering that they felt the other branches weren’t being well balanced well. A celebration that could just have actually formed in the country’s early stage.

The American Vegetarian Celebration –

Oh, brother, they need their own unique party simply for them! Established in 1947, they held conventions and nominated candidates for President and Vice-President in numerous elections, however never appeared too severe about it, and naturally, never ever got anyone into office.


Rudy Giuliani – A Political Profile

Rudy Giuliani – A Political Profile

It’s as easy as this: If you liked the Bush administration, you’ll love Rudy Giuliani! And there’s absolutely nothing that the Republican voters like much better than no modification. First, they got Ronald Reagan back in 1980. They liked him so much, they requested for seconds. Then when they could not have Reagan anymore, they selected his Vice President. The senior Vice President was just able to rule one term, prior to the Democrats ousted him and the Republicans needed to grit their teeth and bear with a Democrat for 8 years. Then they had a brand-new hope: The son of the Vice President of their preferred President ran for workplace. They voted him in, and liked him so much, they asked for seconds.

Now they’re running our of Reagan surrogates. So they are searching for the next best thing. While Giuliani didn’t have a main ceremony where he existed with a sword and knighted by Reagan in front of a Skull ‘n’ Bones altar or anything, Giuliani is definitely doing his best to imitate he’s the next Republican in the line. He has actually definitely rubbed elbows with George Bush, Jr. He has marched boldly into political fight, with a 9/11 sword and an Iraq War guard, with an accompanying minstrel band singing of his magnificent deeds in tidying up New York City.

With that type of setting, what kind of President is he going to make? It should be noted that Giuliani is unique amongst the Governmental front-runners, because the highest workplace he has actually held is City Mayor. However, he has actually served that time presiding over the city of New York, which can not by any means be regarded as a city in the routine sense. Being Mayor of New York for seven years has actually got to have to do with as challenging as being Guv of someplace like, state, Oregon, for the exact same length of time.

Nonetheless, he suffers in comparison to other candidates, almost unfairly so, due to the fact that his experience as Mayor reflects smaller, civic duties which do not map well to the job of running an entire country. He has been a working attorney for 19 years, more than double the time as Mayor, and moreover was a prosecuting attorney for much of that time. Given, he brought down both white-collar criminals and the Mafia, which certifies as the very best task any prosecuting lawyer anywhere can do. However even this deprived him of the sort of experience that former lawyers such as John Edwards had, considering that even Edwards’ cases had more of civil rights and liberties connected to them. Putting scoundrels in prison is a fine deed, however there’s more to running a country.

Instead of look at his previous record, exemplary as it is, we can concentrate on his project assures. He has actually made a list of “twelve commitments”, the full text which is offered on his site. Quickly, the bullet points are defense from terrorists, safe and secure borders, bring back fiscal discipline, cut taxes, make Washington liable, energy independence, better health-care access, be pro-life, be tough on criminal activity, safe communities, school option, and more American involvement with the global economy.

These are definitely impressive goals, and fulfilling them would keep the best of us busy. However on the other hand, they aren’t that radical. Most prospects would promise to do these things, with the exception of the pro-life one. It seems like somebody took a default campaign guarantee design template and read it off.

To his credit, he has actually shown that he has plans in location for meeting a few of these objectives. For example, the healthcare objective has behind it the strategy that proposes a tax deduction – not a tax credit, which would benefit everybody – of approximately $15,000 for households and approximately $7,500 for people who acquire personal individual health insurance policies. When it come to a tax reduction, you need to owe that much in taxes in order to derive any advantage – and then, even the simplest treatment can cost many times that amount.

His sole function in nationwide defense thus far has been his definitive actions in the aftermath of 9/11. And indeed, he revealed himself as a strategic problem-solver throughout a crisis, and managed the response much better than, state, the Federal government finished with FEMA and typhoon Katrina. However, it is also a point that any Mayor in any city would have done much the same thing.

Nevertheless, Rudy Giuliani has a lot going for him on the campaign trail so far. He’s polling at the top for his party, his campaign contributions are at or near the top for the Republican ticket, and he has actually won the endorsements of Steve Forbes, Tommy Thompson, Rick Perry, and Pat Robertson. If this were only a Republican election, he ‘d be house totally free. However he’s polling either tied or below the Democratic front-runners in total bipartisan polls, indicating that the Republicans might want to reconsider sending out a Mayor to compete with a number of Senators.


Hillary Clinton To Become Republican

Hillary Clinton To Become Republican politician

Hillary Clinton speaks on her legal career and on the importance of voting rights at ABA meeting in San Francisco
Source: Flickr

Hillary Clinton, long famously popular among Democrats but obsessively excoriated by Republicans, has actually chosen to turn the tables on her opponents by turneding into one of them.

In an interview, Senator Clinton informed us, “There’s an old political axiom that you never invest any time trying to get the votes you currently have. So I chose I didn’t need to spend any longer time as a Democrat. Considering that I would likely not get even one Republican vote by remaining to tarry because wannabe-President celebration, it appeared that the logical thing to do is get all their votes by becoming a Republican. Of course, because I can still rely on getting all of the Democratic vote, I believe I’m lastly Presidential lumber.”.

Report has it that she was encouraged to make the deft switch from by her hubby, who informed her, “Look, darling, we’ve currently had one Democratic President, and you understand among the reasons we’re still together is we do not prefer to compete with each other. So how about this? Let’s get you in there as a Republican.”.

Usually, Democrats reviled her for the decision but among the cannier ones kept in mind, “I think it’s a brilliant strategic move. Once she’s chosen as a Republican, we’ll finally have a Democratic President.”.